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How Can The Hotshot Group Help Your Business?

Are you tired of your competition shining in the spotlight when you have just as good, if not a better service to offer? We completely understand and are here to help you overcome this and having you "The Hotshot" in your industry. 

You are an entrepreneur and you need more leads and business to maintain your stability or grow your company to the next level. Do not stress! There are a number of different options for you to start driving more customers, clients, and patients to YOUR business looking specifically for the services you offer. We promise!  

Our Mission

The Hotshot Group truly wants to help you grow and succeed. In doing so it only helps us as well. Everything is happening online. It is a new era and we are in the digital age. Traditional advertising outlets just do not perform the same as they used to. A majority of your target audiences are not opening the Yellow Pages to look for what you have to offer, nor are they going to their websites. More and more searches are happening online for the services your business provides. What we have in store for you will dramatically impact your business and life! We take you from zero to hero in the online game and with more ways than ever to reach your target market, you can dominate your competition and become the go to business in your marketplace!

What Differentiates Us From Others?

We will be brutally honest, we cannot take on every inquiry we get for businesses seeking help.

Why is this?

We are not a huge marketing firm. We provide dedicated service to our clients so unfortunately, if we have to refuse your business to keep our eye on the end goals of our current clients then that is what must be done. Every client needs to have the relationship with us to where we feel like a partner to them, not just another marketing agency.

Smaller is better in our eyes. We get to learn more about your business, goals you have in mind, and help you build the future you want when you started your entrepreneurial journey.

We have a level of transparency and keep no secrets. Try following our blog where we let you know of what is working and what can and will help your business grow and succeed online. Marketing campaigns are ever changing and anyone that has sound morals should let you know this. What works today could change tomorrow. This is why the same strategies and tactics that worked 10 years ago, do not hold up today!

We are continuously educating ourselves to provide your business with what is working and produce positive results! 

The Story

columbus seo expert Josh Bernthold

That's me. The person dedicated to having your business succeed online. Along with a few others, I help carry out the day-to-day tasks of your online campaign. We all try to think about what we want to be and do when we grow up. I had no idea what that was, but I knew I wanted to help people. Out of high school I wanted to be a math teacher. I loved a lot about math. The complexity of it and how you could solve a problem many of different ways to reach the correct outcome. Perhaps that is why I have a love for digital marketing?

Obviously, I am not a math teacher today. I still had the ambition to help others though and found myself working in hospitals for several years till deciding I wanted to go into nursing. My end goal to become a nurse anesthetist. This had both avenues I enjoyed. Helping others and the very detailed mathematical part as well. Again, one thing led to another and that is not the field of expertise I landed in. I still had the desire to help others and problem solve.

Being in a family of entrepreneurs, I have found my passion! Going into business for myself with the goal to help other businesses and solve their problems. I enjoy this so much because every business is different. No campaign is black and white and it is up to us to not only put the pieces together for you, but find which pieces you should be using. The results when helping other businesses succeed are life changing for them, in the best way possible, and that is why I do this. That is what motivates our team, and why we love all that we do. Changing one business owners life at a time and making their dreams come true!

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