Pay Per Lead Program

Results driven lead program. If you are tired of low quality leads that you are competing with other businesses for, this is for you!

Columbus PPL Program

Sick and tied of the leads you pay for with the "big name" lead providers in your industry? Do you get leads that you waste your valuable time with just to find out they already were contacted by your competitors who closed the deal? The Hotshot Group's PPL program is just for you. We produce highly qualified leads looking for your service and the best part is they are exclusive to YOU ONLY! 

Why are our leads high quality?

  1. Customers are funneled directly to you and NOT shared with any other businesses
  2. Depending on the lead type, most will be calling you directly (less follow up and quicker closes)
  3. Never pay for "price shoppers" or "tire kickers"
  4. Direct leads result in more closed business
  5. Each call is recorded and at your disposal to listen
  6. We track conversions to find more of the types of customers that want to purchase your services
  7. You pay for results

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