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The best thing about having a business now compared to years ago is the abundance of different opportunities and avenues you may take to help grow your business and target you ideal customer.

Columbus Digital Marketing Agency

The Hotshot Group offers the right online marketing services and strategies to have your business excel and aquire new customers and leads for your company daily! If your business is going great and you are looking to expand and take on more to increase revenue, we can help. On the flip side, if your business is struggling to find more customers and get more leads for you to close more business, we can help you as well. Through the services we offer, we have been able to take companies to places they did not think were possible and we want to partner with you so you can see the benefits of online marketing as well.


SEO is the practice of moving your website up the search engine ladder knocking your competition underneath you. Having your website display for the search terms your customers are typing in when looking for your services can be one of the most rewarding and return on your marketing budget.

Web Design

Do you have a website for your business? A simplistic website with high converting elements can lead to your business being found online and the traffic that comes to it, turning into new, happy paying customers. Your website can be the backbone of your business and your lead generating machine!

Facebook Ads

If you are not investing some of your marketing dollars into Facebook, you may be missing out on some of the most lucrative business for your company. Everyone is on Facebook nowadays, and having a highly relevant offer put in the faces of your ideal customers scrolling their news feeds can be a goldmine.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords are the first spots you see when performing a search in the Google search engine. These are paid advertisements where you can target the exact searches and phrases your target audience are typing in. Couple this with tracking your conversions can lead to massive business growth and highly qualified leads for your business.

PPL Program

Our Pay-Per-Lead Program is a high demand service. If your business depends on leads this service is amazing. We do all the heavy lifting and produce leads for your company and you pay only when you get results. We drive the lead to you by call or form submission and the leads are exclusive to you and highly qualified looking for your services.


Are you a business owner? Do you need an updated head shot or video advertisement for you, your firm or practice? We offer professional photography and video services to capture you and your business at its best. Use these for your website, online profiles, or advertisements. Video is key now businesses as we consume it most.

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