Paid Online Advertising (PPC)

Acquiring new business online through paid advertising and carefully planned out marketing funnels can be a breeze and have a great return on your ad spend. It is having all the pieces to the puzzle aligned that is the difficult part for most entrepreneurs. We are here to help with that.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Company

There are a lot of different avenues you can take when doing paid advertising online. The two heavy hitters in the game though are Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. Everything needs to be taken into account when running paid ad campaigns: What is your industry? Where do your ideal customers tend to go when looking for your services?

What service or offer do you have for potential customers that make them want to choose you over your competitors? Great results with paid advertising boils down to relevancy. You want to have a relevant offer or service in front of your potential customers at the right time and right place to capitalize on what they are searching for or need.

What Does PPC Stand For?

PPC stand for Pay Per Click. It is a form of online advertising in which you "buy" or pay for the clicks to your website or to your initial landing page to offer your product or service. You can take leads and potential clients through a marking funnel offering additional OTO's (one time offers) or simply to a page when they can submit their contact information to you, call directly, or even purchase what you are selling. PPC can be supplemental to your organic search results or a way to capture those you do not show for from the "earned" positions on Google.

What Platforms can I Pay To Advertise On?

The Hotshot Group focuses on primarily two paid advertising platforms, Google and Facebook. These two paid advertising options produce the best results and most bang for your buck in our opinion, it just all depends on your market and what you are offering to your audience. We will help you through the process and talk to you about what is the best option for you and where you should be spending your paid ad budget. 

Google Adwords

Google is a MONSTER! It is one of the most highly visited websites on the internet worldwide! If your website is not showing in the organic positions on page one with an SEO campaign or earning your placement there otherwise, paid search on Google could be a great option for you. Here are what some google ads look like:

Google adwords pay per click advertising

These are businesses paying for the top placements in Adwords based on the search phrase "ppc advertising". Adwords is like a silent auction in a sort where you actually "bid" on your placement. They highest bidder obtains the highest position.

Facebook Ads

With billions of daily active users on Facebook, if you are not investing marketing dollars here, you should be. Facebook has an extreme targeting system where you can go into massive detail on who you actually want to target. It can be an untapped gold mine for certain businesses and very rewarding when done the correct way.

facbook paid advertising

You can distinguish from paid advertisements on Facebook with the "sponsored" text below whomever is running the ad. A well executed Facebook campaign can deliver absolutely amazing results that any business owner will be happy with. Reach out to us to start yours today!

What Types of Businesses Can Win With PPC Management?

To be honest, most can. It's choosing the right platform and having a relevant ad like we spoke of with the proper targeting. You will waste a lot of time and money not having all of the pieces in place and tracking your conversions with JavaScript codes given to you and installed properly on your website or landing pages. We handle all of this for you though.

Some of the types of businesses that we have proven ppc markting campaigns for are contractors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys (personal injury and divorce), financial advisers, insurance agents, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrist, wedding photographers and many more. The list goes on with who we are able to help. If you need more leads, customers, patients, clients, and are wanting to increase your business, reach out today!

Interested In Other Marketing Services

Pay-Per-Lead Program

What is one of the most desired things a business owner wants? LEADS! With our Pay-Per-Lead Program you get just that. The difference is the types of leads we provide: high quality and exclusive to your business only. The best part? We take care of everything. You pay when results are provided!

Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO or "ranking your website". Moving upward in the  search engines can be a daunting task. If you are unfamiliar with the algorithms and how the process works as a whole, you also run the risk of your website being penalized if you over optimize. Let an SEO pro manage your campaign. 

​Website Design

A website is the backbone of your business but you cannot just make it and forget it. It needs to be conversion focused and structured properly. When done right your webpage can be your number one employee, making you money while obtaining new clients and customers in your sleep.

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