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Are you currently marketing to you customers on Facebook? Do you have well performing campaign driving new business for your company? If not, what are you waiting on? Many entrepreneurs do not know the in's and out's of running a successful campaign and feel like Facebook is a waste of time and money from advertising they have done that did not produce the results they wanted. Listen, we understand. If that sounds like you, more than likely you went about it all wrong. Let us give you some tips on what you should have done and if it sounds like we know what we are talking about, consider working together on your next campaign.

What's So Great About Facebook Marketing?

Advertising on Facebook can be extremely lucrative for the right industries. The power is behind the detailed targeting you can do to narrow down specifically who you are wanting to target and the infamous "Pixel". Being able to have control over who you want to target with everything from age, gender, do they own a home, what are they interested in, how much money do they make, etc. The list goes on and on. On top of that you can exclude things and tell Facebook to NOT show your ads to whom you choose as well making your target audience exactly who you want. There are literally millions of active users on Facebook and you can reach the right people that are wanting what you have to offer.

The Facebook Pixel and Algorithm

facebook pixel

What Is The Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of java-script code that you place on your site or landing page. This is where the "true" power comes in. The pixel tracks all of your conversions, whatever you set them to be. This could be a lead, purchase, and add to cart just to name a few. Basically, the pixel is the brain behind the ad and helps you run it effectively. You can run ads without using the pixel but utilizing the pixel is the most beneficial to any person creating them. The pixel does all of the heavy lifting and helps show your ads to who it should be. So what are some of these "things" you are wondering? Keep reading below to find out some of them.

Facebook conversions and retargeting

Lookalike Audiences

Making custom and lookalike audiences with Facebook is also something you can do with the pixel. What is a lookalike audience though? It is something special. Once you have been running your ad and it has had enough traffic to it and conversions, you can take your pixel and create an audience from it. There are different types of audiences you are able to make but to not over complicate anything, for now we will talk about the lookalike. This is when the pixel has gathered data on the types of people and Facebook profiles that have interacted with your ad to become a lead, customer, etc. You can then make a "lookalike" audience where Facebook goes out into Facebook Land and finds all the similarities and things in common from the profiles and finds other profiles/people that look just like the ones you want to be advertising to. Hopefully that all came out okay? If we have confused you, don't worry. Leave the confusing stuff to us πŸ™‚

lookalike audiences with facebook

Tracking Your Conversions & Retargeting

Ever feel like you are being followed around on Facebook? Well, you just may be. When you install the pixel on your website or landing page, you are able to retarget and market to people (Again) that did not finish through your marketing funnel and end goal you intended for them. Pretty powerful stuff huh? You can get your offer in front of people that were just on the edge but never pulled the trigger. Remind these potential customers or clients of your initial offer or sweeten it up a bit so they cannot say no! 

The Pixel can also track your conversions of the customers that did complete your marketing funnel and let you know what you are getting from and ROI standpoint. The pixel is extremely smart and with additional java-script code in place in addition to your base pixel, it will count your conversions and serve up your ad to other like minded people that did what you wanted them to do! Creepy but so awesome for business owners, right?

Interested In Other Marketing Services

Pay-Per-Lead Program

What is one of the most desired things a business owner wants? LEADS! With our Pay-Per-Lead Program you get just that. The difference is the types of leads we provide: high quality and exclusive to your business only. The best part? We take care of everything. You pay when results are provided!

SEM & SMM Advertising

Paid traffic to acquire your leads. This can be done on a number of platforms including AdWords, Facebook, and Bing. Many things that go into a successful PPC campaign that many do not know about wasting valuable marketing dollars. Always talk with someone first. Don't let this happen to you. 

​Website Design

A website is the backbone of your entire marketing campaign but you cannot just make it and forget it. It needs to be conversion focused and structured properly. When done right your webpage can be your number one employee, making you money while obtaining new clients and customers in your sleep.

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