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Maximizing the search visibility of your website online can be one of the most beneficial strategies business owners can take advantage of in this day and age. Are you ready experience exponetial growth for your business?

Columbus SEO Company

If you are looking for an SEO expert to take your business to the next level and have you dominate your competitors in the search results for customers looking specifically for the service you provide, The Hotshot Group's proven strategy to move you further up in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) is definitely something that can produce you high quality leads and traffic to your website, helping increase your bottom line.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Without going into too much detail, seo is a process of pushing your website up in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Obviously Google being the heavy hitter in the world of search, having your business move up the ladder in rankings, primarily Google, gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the "free" organic rankings. Depending on your industry and business niche, this can play a crucial part in the growth. Rising up in the search rankings and capturing the number one position can yield one of the best ROI's your marketing dollars can obtain. This is why working with a professional seo company or agency is vital to your success.

What Factors Influence Your SEO Game?

There are a number of things that go into a strong SEO campaign. Too many in fact to go over in a short period on time being there are over 200+ ranking signals. The key components though revolve around both your on page and off page ranking factors. So lets cover both briefly as well as a big problem that could be holding you back. 

on page optimization and site structure

Professional On-Page SEO

On page signals matter more now than ever. Google and other search algorithms are getting smarter and more complex year after year, and this is why it used to be not a complicated process. Unfortunately, times have changed and with every new update that the search engines roll out, you must have a solid on page game to withstand them.

The wording on your site matters. This last sentence can not be stressed enough. Every sentence, every header, every page title, image, and meta description needs to be in place letting the search engines know exactly what it is you do and offer. This is why we perform solid keyword research that aligns with what your customers are actually searching for when wanting your product or services. Other indicators fall into place as well but like we mentioned, we cannot cover them all!

off page optimization and link building

Professional Off-Page SEO

Your off page signals play just a big of part, if not more, than you on page. Building your offline properties like your GMB (Google My Business), Web 2.0's, Directories, Social accounts and Profiles all have an impact too and need setup properly to maximize your potential for your SEO campaign. Still to this date, probably the most influential part of SEO is your backlink profile.

This consists of what other sites are mentioning and "linking back" to your webpage. Do these other sites have "trust" already established with Google and other search engines? Are other authoritative websites linking to yours passing on that trust and authority to yours? We help you get those a number of different ways which in return helps rise you to the top making you "The Hotshot" in your market.

sandboxed website

Manually Penalized

This can be absolutely treacherous to your website. If you have worked with SEO's in Columbus or elsewhere that may have not known what they were doing, the results could be catastrophic. If you have fallen subject to the "I can rank your site for $179", we pray for you. It is possible to over optimize a site. It is also possible to have a horrible spammy backlink profile from sites related to porn, pharmaceutical, or foreign pages. These should never be linking to you, well unless, you're in that space.

For the most part, many business owners are not so over optimization and horrible backlinks can find you in the "sandbox", nowhere to be found and more than likely with  manual penalty given. If you feel you are subject to this and cannot find your website anywhere online when searching for it, reach out to us and we can check. Cleaning this up is your only option and can be a daunting task  to say the least.

Interested In Other Marketing Services

Pay-Per-Lead Program

What is one of the most desired things a business owner wants? LEADS! With our Pay-Per-Lead Program you get just that. The difference is the types of leads we provide: high quality and exclusive to your business only. The best part? We take care of everything. You pay when results are provided!

SEM & SMM Advertising

Paid traffic to acquire your leads. This can be done on a number of platforms including AdWords, Facebook, and Bing. Many things that go into a successful PPC campaign that many do not know about wasting valuable marketing dollars. Always talk with someone first. Don't let this happen to you. 

​Website Design

A website is the backbone of your entire marketing campaign but you cannot just make it and forget it. It needs to be conversion focused and structured properly. When done right your webpage can be your number one employee, making you money while obtaining new clients and customers in your sleep.

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